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  • How do you determine pricing for your services?
    We buck the trend in consulting, opting to provide you with a fixed estimate for a project instead of putting clients on retainers. As strategy consultants, we know you have to budget and manage costs, so knowing upfront what BRANDKIND’s fees are helps ensure we are aligned on your budget and expectations. Our estimates are modular with transparent pricing structures to allow clients to derive value throughout the consulting engagement, as we strive towards self-enablement, another operating principle of ours that sets us apart.
  • How does BRANDKIND ensure quality and continual improvement?
    To help clients be at the forefront of their industry excellence, we have to be at ours. Embedded in our operations are dedicated time and resources to bring our clients the best practices, industry insights, and client feedback to refine our approach optimize our processes, and continually improve our methodologies and capabilities.
  • What results have you achieved for past clients?
    With our own mission to help companies take moonshots, BRANDKIND has a proven track record of delivering tangible results and driving positive outcomes for our clients. Our success stories and case studies demonstrate our ability to generate significant ROI, improve operational efficiency, and position businesses for long-term success in their respective markets.
  • How do you approach client engagements?
    We take a collaborative and structured approach to client engagements, beginning with a thorough assessment of your current situation to define the problem and process we will solve together. We tailor each client project to how decisions are made in organizations knowing that a consultant brings the unique ability to bridge silos, listen and structure ideas to facilitate informed decisions and group buy-in. We believe that strategy can only be successful if there is inspired ownership by operational leads and our process is designed to be inclusive of diverse voices in organizations.
  • What credentials and experience do your consultants have?
    Our consultants bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and industry credentials to every engagement. With backgrounds on the client-side leading transformation and growth at top-tier global enterprises, cross-industry middle market C-suite consulting experience, and advanced degrees from leading institutions, our team possesses the knowledge and skills needed to address even the most complex business challenges.
  • How do I get started with BRANDKIND’s services?
    Getting started with our consulting services is easy. 1. Simply reach out to us through the contact form on this website or email us at 2. One of our team members will be happy to discuss your needs, objectives, and our simple intake process to guide a possible partnership. 3. We will schedule a discovery call with you to decide on the next steps. BRANDKIND takes a hands-on and collaborative approach to client engagements, fostering open dialogue, trust, and shared ownership of outcomes. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to strategic excellence.
  • What can I expect from the consulting process?
    BRANDKIND's consulting process follows the Design Thinking discipline and typically involves several key stages, including discovery and diagnosis, strategy development, implementation planning, and team ownership and performance monitoring training and support. BRANDKIND will assign a project manager to guide the process through our project stage gates. Throughout the engagement, we maintain open communication, provide regular updates, and ensure alignment with your business goals and priorities.
  • How can Strategy Consulting benefit my business?
    “The answers lie within” is one of BRANDKIND’s operating principles. No team understands the business more than our clients. Our role as your strategy consultant is to facilitate, present information, and inspire ideas to facilitate you to make aligned decisions. Through a guided process, BRANDKIND, helps businesses carve out the necessary time to tackle challenges that keep businesses stuck. Often, it involves unpacking and reprioritizing variables to capitalize on opportunities to create sustainable growth and value creation.
  • What sets BRANDKIND apart?
    Our consulting firm stands out for our collaborative strategy development expertise, innovative BRANDKIND Impact Strategy™ approach, and our focus on tangible results that begin right in the project and carry well into the future for sustainable growth and value creation.
  • Why do clients prefer working with a boutique consulting firm?
    Some clients view boutique consulting firms as providing superior, low-cost services, including a high level of creativity, customization, and adaptability. Smaller boutique consulting firms have thrived in niche markets, like BRANDKIND’s focus on middle-market companies and corporate divisions in need of innovation and transformation to continue to grow.
  • What types of projects does BRANDKIND typically undertake?
    Our consulting projects encompass a variety of strategic initiatives, such as long-range strategy development, annual business planning, brand strategy development and other strategic initiatives such as market entry strategies, growth mapping, and digital transformation. We facilitate team retreats and workshops, conduct research and insights, produce leadership strategies, and train teams to support the successful implementation of strategies.
  • What is Strategy Consulting?
    Strategy consulting is a specialized advisory service focused on aligning businesses on a clear set of strategic choices and investments to achieve their desired future state. At BRANDKIND, we collaborate with transformative leaders who are dedicated to their employees and clients and who understand that creating new frontiers for their industries is their key competitive advantage.
  • What industries does BRANDKIND specialize in?
    BRANDKIND offers expertise across sectors including Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Technology, Healthcare, Biotech, Financial Services, and Professional Services. Our team's combined expertise in deep industry knowledge and cross-sector experience enables us to deliver innovative perspectives to address our clients’ unique challenges and opportunities.
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