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Cross-border Expansion 

BRANDKIND specializes in cross-border brand expansion for businesses headquartered in the US, UK, or Europe.

We ensure your market development plans are anchored by insights into the unique nuances of each market, and geared toward value creation. 

Why partner with BRANDKIND?

Consumer Voice Experts

We are leaders in consumer-led strategic insights to inform your international investments. We believe that due diligence should include an assessment of consumer-business alignment. We assist in finding that gap in the market that is waiting for your company to fill.

Cross-sector Business Experience

Over 30 international businesses have leaned on BRANDKIND or our team to launch or grow their business in cross-border arrangements. Our team brings global corporation experience, such as Procter & Gamble,  MillerCoors, and Vanguard, helping many private companies expand into other regions. 


Local Connections

With a team of combined experience in the US, UK, and European markets and regional partners in Mexico, Dubai,  South Africa, and Hong Kong, BRANDKIND can provide you with the right support. We are also headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the hubs of global enterprise, and we enjoy access to various firms supporting foreign businesses operating in the US. 



Market expansion failures that are due to inadequate understanding of the local market*


Uncover uncharted territories and untapped potential by deeply understanding local market dynamics and consumer behaviors.

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Market Entry White Spaces


1 in 3

New ventures that fail because of poor product-market fit


Product-Market Fit

Fine-tune your value proposition and messaging to align with the needs and preferences of new markets, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful launches.

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Focus Markets


As our country base, the BRANDKIND acts as an extension of a market expansion team to support foreign companies looking to enter or expand their US market presence.


BRANDKIND provides in-depth market knowledge to serve as an advisor to US companies looking to enter or grow their UK presence. Our team brings consumer and business experience in navigating the UK business environment.


With extensive experience launching and managing businesses in the European marketplace, BRANDKIND is able to assist US companies looking to enter or expand European operations. 

Key Markets:

Germany, Netherlands

France, Spain, Italy


Available through our advisory network including the Middle East and Africa, Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets.

With team members on the East and West Coast as well as in Europe, we are close to you and the markets you're looking to explore.

  • Over-capacity domestically and looking for deployment opportunities in other markets

  • Hyper-competition in your primary market that is leading to price cuts and commoditization

  • Geographic revenue diversification to derisk local market volatility

  • Growth and innovation that comes with serving a new customer base and adjusting to new supply and distribution methods. 


Reasons to consider going internationally


Publication dates for our Market Reports

Get the latest insights on market trends by region and segment.

Q2: US Market

Q3: UK Market

Q4: Europe Market

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