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TIME magazine uses its logo power to make a point

TIME did not use its logo on its cover for the first time in its nearly 100-year history. the absence of its logo makes the point of its power. TIME used this to make a point that they believed would make a difference.

The past year has been tumultuous for every one and every business. As one quote goes, the comfortable have been made uncomfortable, and the uncomfortable have been made comfortable. Work from home has been both great and terrible. Putting on a mask has challenged our very identity both literally and figuratively. For businesses, some really tough decisions have had to made - taking a stand on issues that could once be skirted.

Time magazine found itself, like many information outlets, needing to make some choice too. It chose Nov 3, election day as a pivotal point. "Few events will shape the world to come more than the result of the upcoming U.S. presidential election," TIME explained in an article published on October 22, 2020 by Time's Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Edward Felsenthal. The


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