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7 Factors Driving Business Strategy in 2024

As the customer and technology landscape undergo rapid transformations, businesses are compelled to adopt growth and transformation strategies at an accelerated pace. Drawing insights from client engagements, CEO and Board surveys, and industry sources, BRANDKIND Consulting has identified seven critical factors shaping business strategy in 2024.

1. Digital Transformation

2. Revenue Diversification

3. Market Expansion

4. Sustainable Practices

5. Innovation Roadmaps

6. Talent & Culture

7. Brand Restages

Learn more about these factors and integrate them into your business strategy to stay ahead of the curve.



BRANDKIND is a boutique strategy consulting firm that advises middle-market companies and enterprises on growth and transformation. The BRANDKIND Impact Strategy™ approach focuses on fiscal sustainability, assisting leaders to align their boards and teams on business strategy, planning, and brand positioning. We offer expertise across sectors including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Technology, Healthcare, Biotech, Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Consumer Goods. For more information, visit


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