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Navigating ESG Pullbacks: Three Ways to Steer Your Company

Updated: May 7

Recently, some companies have begun to pull back the emphasis of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, preferring to be under the radar or explore new ways to talk about social purpose. However, amidst these shifts, it's essential for businesses to maintain focus on sustainability actions that not only attract top talent but also provide a competitive edge in their growth strategies.


Here are three quick tips to ensure your company stays on track:


1. Pivot focus to Fiscal Sustainability: While ESG focuses on environmental and social efforts, it's vital to understand how sustainability and financial success are intertwined. True fiscal sustainability is the ability the manage finances effectively over time, including decisions today that maintain a healthy pipeline of human capital and supply resources. By making these key drivers of long-term financial success, as done in the BRANDKIND Impact Strategy™ approach, you can show stakeholders the tangible benefits of your sustainability efforts.


2. Borrow the word Impact: Inspired by social enterprises, think about embracing the idea of "Impact" and weaving it into your business plans and measurements. Impact here means the concrete results of what you deliver for your customers, and how your business choices link back to a better environment, society, and economy. A PwC Sweden study in the electronics industry showed how a shift from a typical business model to one to a circular business model not only reduces carbon emissions but also projected an average savings of 12 percent in operating costs over time. When you highlight your initiatives in terms of impact, it helps everyone understand the importance of your work – whether they're investors, customers, or your own team.


3. Build to Purpose/Mission: Beyond just policies and initiatives, real sustainability means making co-stewardship choices a fundamental part of how your company operates every day. It's about acknowledging that we share responsibility for our limited resources and prioritizing the well-being of your employees and communities in everything you do. When responsible actions are at the heart of your company’s mission, it fosters a culture of accountability and lasting success, both internally and externally.


In conclusion, while the landscape of ESG may be evolving, the importance of purpose-driven actions remains constant. By pivoting towards fiscal sustainability, embracing the concept of Impact, and integrating responsible decisions into purpose, your company can continue to attract talent, retain customers, and maintain its competitive edge in an ever-changing market.


Remember, sustainability is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of long-term business success.


Learn more about developing a way forward with BRANDKIND Impact Strategy™ approach.


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