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BRANDKIND Launches Cross-Border Consulting For US, UK, and European Growth

San Francisco, May 10, 2024 – In response to the daunting challenge faced by many businesses expanding globally, BRANDKIND has launched a new suite of cross-border consulting services tailored for companies headquartered in the US, UK, or Europe. These services aim to tackle the positioning hurdles that contribute to as many as one in three businesses failing in their international growth endeavors, often due to struggles with local market adaptation or unsuccessful product-market fit.

Shantini Munthree, CEO of BRANDKIND, emphasized the significance of addressing the difficulties encountered by businesses, particularly heritage brands, in establishing meaningful connections in foreign markets. "We're introducing two specialized services to bridge a critical consulting gap, assisting mid-sized companies, often family-owned businesses, in better aligning their market entry or growth strategies with local market nuances," Shantini stated.

In recognition of the essential role of local expertise in navigating the UK and European marketplace, BRANDKIND's senior partner in strategy & innovation, Deb Saunders, operates from London, bringing over 23 years of invaluable local market experience to the table.

With focus squarely on the US, UK, and European markets, BRANDKIND will offer two distinct cross-border solutions to aid companies seeking to diversify revenue streams and mitigate the challenges posed by hyper-competition, commoditization, and over-capacity in their domestic markets:

Market Entry White Spaces: This service provides tailored, customer-centric strategies to find unchartered territory or untapped potential through a deep understanding of local market dynamics and consumer behaviors.

Product-Market Fit: To enhance the likelihood of launch success, this service helps companies tailor their value proposition and messaging to the needs and preferences of new markets.

Both services add a voice of consumer element to due diligence and market entry plans, assuring leadership and investors when committing resources to new ventures.


Learn more about BRANDKIND’s new cross-border expansion consulting services.





BRANDKIND is a boutique strategy consulting firm that advises middle-market companies and enterprises on growth and transformation. The BRANDKIND Impact Strategy™ approach focuses on fiscal sustainability, assisting leaders to align their boards and teams on business strategy, planning, and brand positioning. We offer expertise across sectors including Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Technology, Healthcare, Biotech, Financial Services, and Professional Services.

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